Friday 8 June 2012


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As the “baby-boomer” generation nears retirement age we are beginning to witness the struggle to find homes built to accommodate people with physical limitations and/or restricted mobility. As a result, customers often turn to remodeling their home to meet their needs, but this becomes extremely costly. It may sound simple to buy a few new appliances, but this is only the beginning. It is often necessary to enlarge bathrooms, hallways, doorways, and so on. This means completely gutting out the inside of your house to adjust these spaces to the necessary size. Due to enlarging these spaces you lose space in your bedrooms and living areas. During the remodeling of your home, you will incur extra cost to bring your house up to the current building code. These unforeseen costs and adjustments can be frustrating; why not build a new Wisconsin Home?

What Wisconsin Homes can do for you
We offer many items and features that will make your home more functional and comfortable to live in, such as:

  1. Low threshold entry doors
  2. Lever handles for exterior & interior doors
  3. Casement & awning style windows
  4. Rocker style electrical switches
  5. Low curb showers
  6. Smart-height toilets
  7. Wall-mount & pedestal style sinks
  8. Single handle faucets
  9. 36” wide interior doors
  10. Hallways, doorways, baths & kitchens designed for wheelchair accessibility
  11. Custom designed cabinetry heights to accommodate special needs
  12. Timers and motion sensors for lighting

Wisconsin Homes is experienced in customizing homes to meet our customer’s needs. We strive for comfort and accessibility when designing to create a balanced and beautiful home. A Wisconsin Home is the perfect solution to the struggles of renovating an older house; allow us to help you find your dream home designed for your needs.