Monday 25 June 2012

Decks & Porches Can Add To Your Home

Posted by at 2:21 PM

The addition of a porch or deck not only increases the monetary value of your home, it will increase your enjoyment of your time spent at home. Decks and porches can help protect exterior walls, windows, and doors as well as assist overall energy efficiency. This addition could mean more time spent with your family, away from the TV and the distractions of today’s technology, as you gather outdoors. For family oriented individuals, a porch or deck can become a social gathering place and for those who enjoy a quiet cup of coffee to start the day they can become an essential part of your day.

Porches and decks range from simple to extravagant, small to large, elevated to tiered, screened-in to open, and so on. This type of addition can be incredibly versatile, subject to your needs.

Protect you and your family from the elements as well as pests. In addition, this type of porch will capture the breeze to create a comfortable environment.

3 Seasons
Similar to a screened-in porch, a 3 seasons porch has screens, but also has sliding glass windows or removable acrylic panels that make this porch more accessible throughout the year.

Roof with support columns and screen-less; this allows for easy access to your yard.

Front Entry
Protects your visitors from the weather as they wait by the front door.