Tour Our Display Village

425 West McMillan
Marshfield, WI

Office: (715) 384-2161

We have many homes of various sizes and styles on display to help you design your own home. Please stop by during office hours 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. You can also view the models after hours or on weekends by obtaining a key from any of our builders or by calling our receptionist. Welcome to Wisconsin Homes!

1 Brookdale (Best Seller) 2 Bdrm

Model Number: 2350
Size: 28x60
Serial Number: 16117

2 Cavalier 3 Bdrm

Model Number: 5085
Size: 42x52 (1653 Sq Ft)
Serial Number: 16000

3 Northwood (New) 2 Bdrm

Model Number: 1925
Size: 28x58
Serial Number: 16801

4 Limited 3 Bdrm

Model Number: 5161
Size: 30x56/58
Serial Number: 16289

Brookdale (Previous Display) 3 Bdrm

Model Number: 2330
Size: 28x64
Serial Number: 15910

Lakewood (Previous Display) 3 Bdrm

Model Number: 2060
Size: 56x48 (2098 Sq Ft)
Serial Number: 15453

Loft (6-SEC) (Previous Display) 2 Bdrm

Model Number: 4765
Size: 58x48 (3451 Sq Ft)
Serial Number: 14855