Building Inside Out

Our Precision Building process allows us to build our walls from the inside out. What does that mean for your home? Check out the video to find out.

Building Strength

We go above and beyond code to build one of the longest lasting homes on the market. Find out how our Precision Building process strengthens your home.

Higher Grade Lumber

We have extremely high standards for the products and materials we use to build your home and lumber is no exception. We use only the highest grade lumber from the best mills in North America and our Precision Building process ensures that lumber is handled in a way that ensures quality construction.

Custom Cabinet Shop Video

Our custom cabinet shop provides a great deal of flexibility and creativity when designing the cabinets and built-ins for your Inspiration Home.

Unique Vapor Barrier Solution Video

Properly sealing your house from the elements is critical for long term comfort and efficiency. That’s why we use a foil-backed dry wall that creates a true vapor barrier.

Floor System Video

Our dual floor system is not only unique, but extremely effective in eliminating many of the problems inherent in stick built floor systems. Find out what this means long term for your home.

Innovative Ceiling Construction Video

Our ceiling jig is unique in the industry and truly one of a kind. It’s something we pioneered and is a great example of how we strive for perfection through innovation.

Block-It House Wrap

Block-It House Wrap from Kimberly-Clark is becoming the house wrap of choice for builders across the country because it’s stronger, easy to handle and install and is breathable.