Thursday 6 November 2014

New Videos Help with Questions

Posted by at 8:31 AM

Wisconsin Homes is proud to introduce two new video series on our website home page. Each was created to help answer questions. The first video series is produced to help with design questions. Your host walks through a number of homes asking questions intended to help you figure out the general layout and floor plan concepts that might work best for your home. Starter home or a larger home. Open design or more traditional. There are many choices in customization so these videos help you walk through some of the most popular options. Complete with wood choices for cabinets. Walk in shower or soaker tub? There is much to think about so have fun and enjoy the videos as they help you navigate the wonderful world of home design.

The second series of videos is more construction oriented. The energy efficiency of precision built homes is discussed along with exclusive practices we use in the construction process like our foil backed drywall. You'll only find this and more at Wisconsin Homes. This series also covers why our homes are built on time and on budget more so than a traditional site built home. Materials are ordered and the home is constructed in a controlled environment with few delays or added costs. Learn about how inspectors ensure that building codes are followed and built beyond. All this on our home page just click the videos to start them and hit the scroll tabs to switch between the different videos. Have fun designing and learning about your possible new home.