Thursday 8 March 2012

Window Air Infiltration

Posted by at 1:59 PM

Window performance needs to be evaluated based on air infiltration, thermal efficiency, structural integrity and resistance to water. Gerkin windows are designed to excel in all of these areas. Gerkin comes from a commercial background and they understand the importance of having a window with structural integrity. They have developed a process that allows them to create a vinyl product with structural integrity by adding special stiffeners into the multiple locations of each window, which created the structure of an aluminum window with the warmth of vinyl. Utilizing this process and strategically placing quality weather-stripping where needed allows their windows to remain connected to the weather-stripping in adverse conditions.

Some manufacturers in the industry concentrate on the wrong things when it comes to the performance of windows. When customers choose to buy a replacement window it is normally because the old window is cold and drafty, proving that air infiltration is the most important factor for energy efficiency. Government agencies are currently considering making air infiltration part of the NFRC labels so that people will know more about the quality level of the product they are purchasing regarding energy efficiency. It's what's on the inside of the window that makes a better window.